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Exclusive Services

Aside from our Limited Edition Prints & Products, available from our Online Shop, we offer a number of other services. Please peruse the list of Services below to see what we are able to offer. If there's something that you require that's not outlined on the list, send me a message so we can work together to identify if that's something we can provide you.


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Business Consulting

With degrees in Marketing, Finance, and International Studies; and years of experience in the business community - allow me to work with your business to identify weaknesses and opportunities that I can help you with. 

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Event Management

With over 20 years of experience in the Event Management and Hospitality Industry - let's discuss how I can service your needs and work together to throw the perfect event without a hitch. 

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Website Design & Management

With 10+ years of managing and developing websites and an online presence to customers. I can also maintain and update what's already been created, and keep it up-to-date representing who you are. 

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Allow me to work with you and your E-Commerce needs to strengthen product or service awareness in the market. I can help increase your brand awareness and increase sales.

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Social Media Management

With 10+ years of managing various online social media accounts - I am able to work with you to provide a unique online representation of your business to your customers. Let's Discuss!

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Volunteer Initiatives

Do you have an exciting project or initiatives where you need some volunteers? Sign me up! I’m always eager to give back and volunteer in different ways; and I’m looking for new ways to do so. Let’s discuss what your project is, and what I can do to help you meet your goals to make your project successful!


Let's Work Together

Whether it's for one of the Services listed above, another of your business needs, or even something as simple as being your Adventure & Travel buddy, then I'm here to help! Let's talk about how I can help!

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