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Jukil Community Lodge - Santiago de Agencha

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Located two hours from the community of Uyuni, Bolivia on the world famous Bolivia Salt Flats, sits the community of Santiago de Agencha. Isolated and away from the city of Uyuni and everyday conveniences of shops and stores, the locals have had to be creative for sources of income and supporting their daily lives. In doing so, the community has welcomed visitors to stay at their local Jukil Community Lodge. To the people that live in Santiago de Agencha, tourists are a very important part of support for their community. In partnership with Planeterra and GAdventures, their community was able to welcome guests, and they were able to prosper.

To build their community lodge and hostel, the materials were all sourced from the local area - straw for the roofs, and salt from the Salt Flats for the construction of the buildings, beds, tables, and other furniture. This brought a very unique experience to travellers.

The cultural experiences for travellers are also tremendously valuable. There are opportunities for cooking classes with locals, incredible meals prepared by local women, storytelling and presentations at night, and assending the mountain to take in the valley - as the sun stretches across the Salt Flat and the numerous cacti along the hillside. And oh, what a view it is to behold!

By supporting their community, locals can invest back into their community in such areas as education for all ages, healthcare, and furthering infrastructure investment so that more travellers can stay in their community in the future.

Visitors don't just come to the Jukil Community Lodge for a place to rest their head for the night; they come for the food, the cultural learning opportunities, and they come for the view. The people of Santiago de Agencha welcome you with open arms and open hearts; welcome to an experience that you won't soon forget.

Welcome to the Jukil Community Lodge!

iBienvenida a Bolivia!

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