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Copyright Notice

All photography, graphic design and content herein is Copyright © 2022 Eric T. Ball. All Rights Reserved. Images may not be shared, copied, or used without express written consent by Eric T. Ball. By entering and using this site you kindly agree to these terms.

In Canada, copyrights are protected by: Copyright Act, c. C-42. Since November 7, 2012, the Canadian Act finally grants ownership of the copyright to professional freelance photographers for work created in the course of their employment.

The Copyright Act was amended in the Spring of 2012, under Bill C-11, rectifying the injustice that prevailed hitherto, while the copyright of photographs that were ordered belonged to the client by default.

Canadian photographers are now, by default, the first owners of the copyright of the images they produce, as are illustrators, musicians, painters, and writers with their respective work. This applies to both photographs commissioned and paid by a client, and to photographs taken for non-commercial purposes.

Photographers no longer have to sign an agreement with their client stating that they are the first owner of the copyright; the Act now guarantees ownership by default.

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