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A Message From Us.

Thank you for visiting Rock and Cloverleaf, and stopping by for a read of the blog. 

The website platform (Wix) used to design this website and blog uses a comment app that requires you to login to leave a comment or discuss with others. 

What does that mean for you the reader?

It means that just like other blog websites that require you to sign in with your name and email in order to leave a comment, this website is very much just the same. What this also means is that you are automatically added to the email list and online community. 

I would love your comments, feedback and contributions; and being a site member and finding value in the informations and posts that I share.


As a website member, you will receive regular updates right to your inbox to notify you of new content here. 

I can also promise you to never spam you, and never share your details with anyone. 

If you choose not to sign up to comment, that's still great - read along and enjoy! However, I would love you to click the heart icon next to posts that you enjoy, so that you may still be part of the online community in that way. Welcome to the Rock and Cloverleaf experience.

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